Post Election Whining

John Keller says,

“With regard to Gov. Patrick, does it dawn on his worst critics that his re-election might have been helped by backlash against their sometimes excessive animosity towards him?”

This is a good point. I think Mass. voters are pretty smart. They’re not going to fall for a constant barrage of negativity from those critical of a candidate’s policies across the board. Deval Patrick astutely tapped into that with his accentuating the positive versus Baker’s negative spin on the state of Mass. Blaming our Governor for unemployment and raising taxes then not giving him credit for Mass. slowly improving economic numbers is not a fair assessment of the past couple of years.
The same will be true with our President. Like it or not Barack Obama has worked hard to get legislation passed that will change health care and regulate financial institutions, which is exactly what he set out to do from the beginning of his term. The incessant negativity from tea partiers and the right, and the immediate promise to undo what he has accomplished, will only help him get re-elected in two years.


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One response to “Post Election Whining

  • Linda MacDonald

    You’re definitely too smart to keep this stuff hidden in a website. Send it to the news or the Ledger and reference your website

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