Slurpees And A Movie

Jon Keller writes after all the election hoopla-

“Can Friday really, truly, finally have arrived?

I believe it has, and I don’t know about you but after what we’ve all been through this week, I’m ready to get away from it all with a good movie.”

Stan replies, injecting some humor about President Obama’s recent comment regarding Slurpees

You might be on to something. How about all the pols get together for a movie. Republicans on one side of the theater with red Slurpees and Dems on the other with blue Slurpees. I heard Apocalypse Now is out on Blu-ray. What could be more sobering than that? The horror…the horror.

As for me, Slurpees give me a headache and I want to see how the Pat’s defense handles Peyton Hillis.


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