Keep Keith

Keith Olbermann’s indefinite suspension turned out to be 2 days. I’m sure the guy who thinks he’s Mr. Olbermann’s boss felt it wasn’t worth the grief that would have resulted in a longer stint in exile. Liberals were already organizing a petition protesting the obvious infringement of his rights and whether or not an apology was in order. Not to be “left out”, I went digging through the archives for my “Keep Keith” button. I used to wear it in school during the early seventies, not so much for political reasons but because my name is Keith and I thought it was kind of funny.

The Keep Keith buttons were distributed about that time, when then U.S. Representative Hastings Keith was running for re-election. I can’t remember who was opposing him but Keith won. We were part of the 12th District back then. Gerry Studds eventually succeeded Mr. Keith and later on the 12th District was dissolved and Weymouth became part of the 10th District. Bill Delahunt took over after Gerry Studds retired and now it appears Bill Keating, another Democrat will succeed the retiring Delahunt. There was fear amongst us True Blues that the Republican candidate, Jeff Perry might actually have a chance, but in the end, a scandal regarding an illegal strip search of a young girl (Mr. Perry is a former police officer) was his undoing. If Mr. Perry had won, he would have been the first Republican to represent Weymouth in the U.S. House Of Representatives since Hastings Keith in 1973.


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