Edmund Fitzgerald

I can recall, back around 1978, being in a bar called “Down Under” over by Fenway Park with several friends, some of whom were Merchant Mariners. After a few beers, and then a few more beers, and more Mariners arrived, and more beers they started singing Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”. I don’t think there was ever a more sobering ballad.

The tragedy occurred on November 10, 1975, 35 years ago. It was originally surmised that the iron ore carrier sank due to failure of a hatchway but after further investigations over the ensuing years, that theory has changed. Now it is felt that the extremely long ship broke up under the constant pounding of the viscous waves kicked up by a severe storm over Lake Superior. That change has even caused Gordon Lightfoot to amend his famous song’s lyrics. The ship still lies at the bottom of Lake Superior and is the final resting place of all 29 of the ship’s crew.

The following video is by Joseph Fulton.


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