Elvis Andrus

Unless you’re a baseball fan I’m sure you have no idea who Elvis Andrus is, but someday even marginal fans of the Red Sox will know him. He is presently the best fielder of the most difficult fielding position, shortstop, in the American League. His team, the Texas Rangers went to the World Series this year, but more importantly to Red Sox Nation, they beat the Yankees. Elvis is just a boy, and he was beaten out in the voting for the Gold Glove Award, given to the best fielder in each position, by an old man and sentimental favorite named Derek Jeter. It is certainly not the first time that an award has been disputed and some will argue that Jeter deserved it based on having fewer errors and thus, a better fielding percentage. There is a better theory that it was given to him this year because it will be the last year that he receives it. I have a feeling that Elvis Andrus will be the Gold Glove winner at shortstop for the next few years, until he becomes as old and slow as Derek Jeter.


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