Death Penalty

Steve Spader and Stephen Hayes are a couple of really good reasons for wanting the death penalty. Spader is the vile human being that killed a mother and maimed her child “to see what it would be like”, up in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has the death penalty but only for specific crimes. It appears Spader will probably be spared death and spend the rest of his life in jail. Last week, Stephen Hayes, the career criminal who raped and killed a family in Connecticut was sentenced to death. It will be interesting to see how long and at what cost it takes to kill him.

Let’s take a minute and think like a cold hearted killer too. Let’s look at the pros and cons. Will sending Mr. Spader to his death be:

1)      Punishment?

  1. No, in my opinion there would be more punishment in having him serve his entire life in a prison cell. Killing him only lets him off the hook.

2)      A deterrent?

  1. Definitely not. Mr. Spader is a psychopath, as you say, and psychopaths cannot be deterred from killing.

3)      Justice?

  1. There is no justice in the taking of a life. Justice should not be confused with appeasement or vengeance.

4)      Appeasement?

  1. His death may satisfy some, but it will not relieve the pain or extinguish the anger that those closest to the crime will feel for the rest of their lives.

5)      Economical?

  1. This is the best argument for death. Ridding society of someone that will never serve any useful purpose. I suppose that not having to feed and clothe Mr. Spader for the rest of his pathetic life would be cost efficient also. Of course that’s only if was to take death like a man and slip quietly away to wherever people like him go. More likely however is the fact that it would take years to kill him, and cost taxpayers much more money than if he had been allowed to fester in a cell and forgotten. Would it be worth giving him more notoriety or making him feel more relative by using him as a reason to kill? I’m sure he’d love it. I say he’s not worth the effort.

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