We certainly have our problems here in Massachusetts, but I still think we’re the smartest state in the country. We dare to buck the trend, not listen to the rhetoric and learn the truth. Back when our current President, Barack Obama, was campaigning, the issue of his birth location came up and whether or not he actually could serve as President of the United States. Of course this was also an issue for his opponent, John McCain, who was born in Panama. It was quickly proven that both candidates were U.S. citizens, born of U.S. citizens, on U.S. soil. Facts like these sometimes take a while to sink into the thick sculled conservative brain, but eventually even the most stubborn of my mislead local friends came to accept that our first African-American President was born in the United States and deserved to be our leader.

As the rest of the country tries to keep pace with us smarter folks, one state in particular continues to show how dumb people can be. On a list of important issues currently plaguing the country, the President’s right to be President has by now fallen way, way down to the bottom. Yet, state representative Leo Berman, a Republican of dubious IQ from a state of ineptitude, Texas, has decided to file legislation requiring all our future Presidents to show proof that they are citizens….to the Texas secretary of state. Oh, okay, tell you what, why don’t you go keep an eye on that fence for us, will you?


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