Full Frontal

The big story this Thanksgiving has been the new body scanners at Logan Airport and elsewhere. Holiday travelers will be subjected to airport security’s new high tech toy that shows everyone’s naked body, front and back. I guess you can opt for the traditional metal detector, if you’re a bit shy, but then must endure a vigorous “pat-down” as well. There’s already horror stories all over the web about broken colostomy bags and strip searches. I must admit, on my drive into Logan this Thursday to pick my daughter up, I will be fretting over what pornographic path she chose, the brisk feel-up or the naked pictures. I heard on the radio where Hillary Clinton was asked what she preferred and I had this vision of a security guard looking at naked pictures of our Secretary Of State. I can’t help thinking that at some point some genius will figure out how to keep the pictures and diseminate them on the internet. Then there’s always the rumor mill, “I used to be a body scan technician and I know for a fact that Sarah Palin has a gun tatoo on her butt.” Yipes! I’m taking the train, nobody ever blows up a train anymore.


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