3-D TV

I tend to be overly nostalgic, having a penchant for history and all. It seems like only yesterday I was one of the last of my friends to get a Sony Walkman and now I hear they are phasing them out. I had my first television for about 20 years and it was still working fine when I got the urge to “invest” in one of the new big screen TV’s. The thing took up half the room. I invited all three of my friends over to watch the Patriots lose to the Packers in the 1996 Super Bowl. That lasted about 10 years before the picture started getting lousy, and while visiting one of my three friends with a “high-definition” television, I decided to make another investment in one of those.

I got one with a flat screen, that you could buy a special attachment to, for 150 bucks, to hang it on the wall like a picture and I got a special surround sound system that the salesman said I really needed to complete the “experience” of watching television. I did my homework and wisely stayed away from the “plasma” TV’s. Besides, they were way too expensive.

All in all, it cost me more than the first three cars I owned. It took me a couple of weeks to realize that there were special channels you had to watch in order to take advantage of the high-definition appearance and not long after that the cable television company came out with a new pricing scheme to take advantage of everybody with high-definition. I also couldn’t figure out how to get the surround sound to work with the regular channels. I’m still working on that. It is quite effective when I rent a movie, in fact it’s so effective I sometimes have to keep the clicker in hand and constantly adjust the volume or I’ll get a headache. A while back I noticed this new concept called “Blu-ray”. Well, I guess it’s not that new. Then I was reading today that 3-D television is the big thing this Christmas season. I think if I want to see a movie in 3-D, I’ll spend $8 $15 on a movie. Oh how I long for that 20-year-old TV with the rabbit ears and three channels.


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