Do Tell, Don’t Comment

WBZ recently made changes to their web site. Actually, it’s been a few weeks so all the kinks should be worked out by now and those of us who don’t handle change well should be used to it. In the past couple of years I have often commented on articles there, Jon Keller’s in particular. I like the new site and in fact started this little blog of my own as a result of accessing WordPress there.

I’m still trying to get used to the new site but it’s all good because I’m learning as I go. I’m thinking there must be a computerized comment moderator that has a list of words that are not allowed. I like to call it the “Comment Nazi”. I commented the other day on Jon’s blog about the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, using the word “homosexual” and the comment did not go through. This has happened before with other words and thus entire comments are automatically trashed by the Nazi as a result.

The comment was “it’s good to know that our government has finally come to accept that homosexuals can be trained to kill just as readily as heterosexuals”.

I just tried to submit the comment again by starring a couple of letters in the word ho**osexual and it still did not appear. I now notice, in the same blog posting, that Mr. Keller did not use that word; we’ll call it the “H” word. I know I’m getting old but is homosexual a bad word? Is “gay” more politically correct? I may need to update my PC dictionary.

I notice in Dr. Cindi Love’s article here, that she uses the “H” word. It’s all very confusing. I’m just glad that the military is no longer confused, even if John McCain and David Bahati are.


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One response to “Do Tell, Don’t Comment

  • KathyD

    Hey, did you ask Jon about this? I just sent a rather long email to the WBZ GM about issues with the blog. This might be one more for the list. Happy New Year!

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