No More Snow

I may be jinxing myself, (is jinxing a word?) but I’m betting the snow is over with for another season. Spring has officially arrived and although its been cold this week and very much un-Spring like, I’m feeling good about it. We had a dusting yesterday that had been forecasted as a couple of inches. I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t bother cleaning the snow off my van although it was probably a half-inch at least. That technically means, according to State Rep. Cleon Turner, D-Dennis, that I should be fined. Rep. Turner filed legislation at the State House this past winter that would require drivers to remove ice and snow from their vehicles before hitting the road. His bill, which doesn’t specify fines, targets vehicles with roofs larger than 10 square feet with at least one-quarter an inch of snow or ice. How absurd. Thank goodness the majority of our Reps. had the sense to vote this one out. I’m sure that the good Rep. was actually targeting the knit-wits who drive around with a foot of snow on their vehicles, and that’s the way the bill should have read. A quarter-inch is nothing and would harm no one. The extreme winter season and continuous media hype over excess snow contributed to a lot of extreme thinking. Laws for shoveling roofs, laws for shoveling sidewalks, ticketing folks who don’t shovel or put snow in others way; give me a break. Glad it’s over, tee it up.

This is a CBS Boston article about snow on vehicle roofs.


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