Just Another BoMo

Not too long ago, I remember someone asking Sue Kay, the Mayor of Weymouth, why the town didn’t consider levying a tax on motels in town as a means of raising revenues. The motel tax was something new in the Commonwealth that many municipalities were using as way of raising money. Mayor Kay somewhat joked about the idea, and rightly so, after all there are only two motels located within Weymouth and the amount of money that could be gotten would be a mere pittance and certainly not worth the effort required in collecting and keeping track of it. Historically, the Town of Weymouth once was an important stop along the way to other destinations such as Nantasket and Cape Cod, but not anymore. As much as its citizens might like to see Weymouth become a popular tourist destination, and I’m not saying that can’t happen, it doesn’t appear to be trending in that direction. When it does, maybe then we can consider building more motels.

More motels you say? Yes, it appears that the owner of the Super 8 Motel on Route 53, the old Boston Motel or BoMo, as it is affectionately referred to locally, wants to build another high end venture on the site of the former Bernie and Phyll’s Furniture store. No doubt he wishes to capitalize on the Super 8’s reputation as a bastion of warm hospitality to the many high rollers that make Weymouth a regular stop on their way to getting tattooed in Hull or checking out the livestock at the Marshfield Fair. Perhaps the owner should use the Weymouth Police blotter as a referral on the application to build this 14 unit low rent apartment masquerading as a motel. I didn’t know there was that much room at that location. A quick run of the numbers- a 14 unit motel, with a function room and pool area with parking to boot? I say no way. Maybe the developer was planning on having patrons park down at the Village Cemetery.

Anyway, the proposal is going before the planning committee for review on Wednesday, December 21 at 3:00 p.m. The meeting will be conducted on the 3rd floor of the town hall. I hear at least a couple of Town Councilors are opposed, as well they should be. You can voice your opinion too, by either going to the meeting or e-mailing your Town Councilors and the Mayor. They can be contacted through the town’s web site http://www.weymouth.ma.us/council/index.asp.


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One response to “Just Another BoMo

  • Gary MacDougall

    14 room flop house for the sex and drug trade. No way.

    Let the building rot and be taken down. They should block this and ONLY allow non-residential commerical property on that strip — other than the BoMo, which is set back some, there’s no reason to put something there — you can travel each way on Rt. 3 and be in a cheap hotel in 5 minutes from that location… Braintree or Rockland…

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