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Merry Christmas

It has become an annual occurrence during the holiday season. Yes, of course putting up the “Christmas” trees, decorating our homes with lovely “holiday” lights as usual, but I’m referring to the annual round of political misinformation that always happens this time of year; when my conservative friends, instead of spreading goodwill to all, spread the “we have to say Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas” nonsense. It amazes me how they twist this bit of religious hokey pokey around so that it appears liberal thinkers are actually behind its origin. The truth is that it wouldn’t even be mentioned if conservatives didn’t keep bringing it up.

I recently received one of those e-mails we all get, you know the ones, based on half truths and misleading opinions attributed to celebrities that we are supposed to pass on to others. I never believe any of them, never pass them along, but occasionally do a quick check into their validity. This one was supposedly said by Ben Stein, an actor/speech writer (what a combo) who happens to be Jewish. It begins by stating that the White House, for the first time this year is calling Christmas Trees, Holiday Trees. That is the first mistruth; the White House, nor anyone associated with the White House, including the President, did not say that.

The message goes on to include a commentary written by Ben Stein in response to that mistruth. Parts of the commentary are actually true, and were written by Mr. Stein, but in fact were written a few years ago as a general opinion on how our society spends too much time worshipping celebrities instead of God, or any Supreme Being. In the commentary he also writes, “where did the idea come from that we should worship Nick and Jessica (in reference to Nick and Jessica Simpson, two well known celebrities at that time) and we aren’t allowed to worship God as we understand Him? That part of Mr. Stein’s opinion is missing from the e-mail message and is replaced with a section about Billy Graham’s daughter and another referring to terrorist attacks, Madeline Murray O’Hare, and Dr. Benjamin Spock. Those sections were not written by Ben Stein and probably aren’t true.

The bottom line is that this is America, and if you want to say “Merry Christmas”, say it. Oh, and the White House/President calls Christmas Trees, “Christmas Trees”, but if they wanted to call them “Holiday” trees, I could care less. I try to be a good christian, and I do beleive in God. If you aren’t christian or don’t beleive in the same God as I do, or don’t beleive in God at all, that’s your business and your right; here in America. I’ll still wish you a Merry Christmas.


No More Snow

I may be jinxing myself, (is jinxing a word?) but I’m betting the snow is over with for another season. Spring has officially arrived and although its been cold this week and very much un-Spring like, I’m feeling good about it. We had a dusting yesterday that had been forecasted as a couple of inches. I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t bother cleaning the snow off my van although it was probably a half-inch at least. That technically means, according to State Rep. Cleon Turner, D-Dennis, that I should be fined. Rep. Turner filed legislation at the State House this past winter that would require drivers to remove ice and snow from their vehicles before hitting the road. His bill, which doesn’t specify fines, targets vehicles with roofs larger than 10 square feet with at least one-quarter an inch of snow or ice. How absurd. Thank goodness the majority of our Reps. had the sense to vote this one out. I’m sure that the good Rep. was actually targeting the knit-wits who drive around with a foot of snow on their vehicles, and that’s the way the bill should have read. A quarter-inch is nothing and would harm no one. The extreme winter season and continuous media hype over excess snow contributed to a lot of extreme thinking. Laws for shoveling roofs, laws for shoveling sidewalks, ticketing folks who don’t shovel or put snow in others way; give me a break. Glad it’s over, tee it up.

This is a CBS Boston article about snow on vehicle roofs.

Do Tell, Don’t Comment

WBZ recently made changes to their web site. Actually, it’s been a few weeks so all the kinks should be worked out by now and those of us who don’t handle change well should be used to it. In the past couple of years I have often commented on articles there, Jon Keller’s in particular. I like the new site and in fact started this little blog of my own as a result of accessing WordPress there.

I’m still trying to get used to the new site but it’s all good because I’m learning as I go. I’m thinking there must be a computerized comment moderator that has a list of words that are not allowed. I like to call it the “Comment Nazi”. I commented the other day on Jon’s blog about the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, using the word “homosexual” and the comment did not go through. This has happened before with other words and thus entire comments are automatically trashed by the Nazi as a result.

The comment was “it’s good to know that our government has finally come to accept that homosexuals can be trained to kill just as readily as heterosexuals”.

I just tried to submit the comment again by starring a couple of letters in the word ho**osexual and it still did not appear. I now notice, in the same blog posting, that Mr. Keller did not use that word; we’ll call it the “H” word. I know I’m getting old but is homosexual a bad word? Is “gay” more politically correct? I may need to update my PC dictionary.

I notice in Dr. Cindi Love’s article here, that she uses the “H” word. It’s all very confusing. I’m just glad that the military is no longer confused, even if John McCain and David Bahati are.


I’d never heard of a waterball until a young girl almost died in one recently. Now maybe it’s me, but as soon as I saw a picture of one I could hear my mother’s voice telling me to never, ever, ever put a plastic bag over your head. Makes sense. Of course, I understand that everyone has good common sense and would be sure that their child could breathe before climbing inside a waterball, and like all good parents, I assumed there was a way to breath inside one. FAIL, there’s not. I went to this site and discovered on the FAQ page that there is enough air inside the ball to breath “for a long time”. Ha, ha, ha! There’s no way I get into one of those things and thusly not my kid.

On a lighter darker note, the web site also mentions the “Loveball”, in which two people can enter and float around the pool in, at night. NOT.

I’ll stay with my good ole rubber tube.